Thursday, January 22, 2009

I found my car in the parking lot using Echolocation!

Today I found my car in the parking lot using echolocation!

I was coming out of the gym this evening, and there was about 60 feet to walk to my car. I took a look around at the pattern of cars so I knew how many there were between me and my car, and I knew what to look for. I also had a straight shot between myself and the car, but I closed my eyes and committed to finding it. I began to click using the "blade pop" (see Description) I turned my head from side to side, because I'm finding that the blade pop is not very good at revealing objects to the sides of the head - the "giddyup" is much better at this. I made out the several cars before mine and I knew there was an empty spot before my car. I located the empty spot and anticipated my car. I heard it right when I expected it, passed to the driver's side and stopped when I found the space between the driver's side of the car and the large snow bank. I opened my eyes, and voila!

Maybe next time I'll try going for the door handle...

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