Intermediate Lessons

If you have got the idea, and understand the concept of echolocation and can successfully see objects in front of you and around you, this is a good place to be.  Continue your journey here and improve your awareness even further.

Lesson #1: Learning to Track Along a Wall

Lesson #2: Walking a Predetermined Path

Lesson #3: Finding and Orienting Yourself using Calibration Objects

Lesson #4: Practicing Echolocation in your House

Lesson #5: Practicing Echolocation Outdoors

Lesson #6: Echolocating in a Foreign Environment

Lesson #7: Edge Finding, Edge Tracing and Shape Identification

Free 10-Minute Audio Lesson: Learn the Echolocation Click

Learn echolocation clicks with a free audio lesson
Learning how to click is one of the first steps to becoming an effective echoloator. This lesson provides clicking samples of a variety of different clicks and descriptions of when they might be most useful. This lesson has been used by O&M instructors all over the world.

Despite popular belief, it's easy to make your clicking quite subtle or unnoticeable even in quiet settings. There are many different clicks for different situations. I explain all of these in great detail and give examples of where, why and when they can and should be used.

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