Saturday, February 15, 2014

Braille Edition of Beginner's Guide to Echolocation Coming Soon!

By popular demand, I'm happy to announce that I will soon be publishing the Beginner's Guide to Echolocation in Braille!  There are thousands of people around the world who have expressed interest in learning echolocation, but in-person training is simply not possible due to cost, location, timing or other reasons.  The Beginner's Guide to Echolocation is the only book of it's kind that teaches the fundamentals of echolocation to anyone interested in learning.  Endorsed by Daniel Kish and World Access for the Blind, the book has been sold around the world and received excellent reviews as an introductory learning tool for individuals as well as an instructional tool for mobility specialists.

The book is currently available in print, large print, ebook (various formats) and audiobook.  Publishing this book available in braille is the next obvious step and there have been many requests for this publication.  I am anticipating making the book available in April 2014 or sooner.

Please connect on my facebook page for further updates on this publication.

Free 10-Minute Audio Lesson: Learn the Echolocation Click

Learn echolocation clicks with a free audio lesson
Learning how to click is one of the first steps to becoming an effective echoloator. This lesson provides clicking samples of a variety of different clicks and descriptions of when they might be most useful. This lesson has been used by O&M instructors all over the world.

Despite popular belief, it's easy to make your clicking quite subtle or unnoticeable even in quiet settings. There are many different clicks for different situations. I explain all of these in great detail and give examples of where, why and when they can and should be used.

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