Friday, November 9, 2012

My first book review from Austin Seraphin!!

I'm so happy to announce my very first book review of the Beginner's Guide to Echolocation!  Austin Seraphin is a great guy and many of you know him I'm sure.  He just wrote a great article covering his thoughts on the book over at his blog "Behind the Curtain".

Here is a snippet of the review
I have some very exciting news. Ever since I started learning about echolocation I wanted a way to get started myself. I made contact with Justin at World Access for the Blind and he helped me on Skype before we did my amazing life-changing intensive. Still, we all agree that we need a way to easily teach the blind about echolocation, or at least give them enough information to get them started safely. We also need to prove to the skeptics that it really exists. Now someone named Tim Johnson has written the perfect book to get you started.
Read the whole review here because he has some great things to say that I'm sure you can relate to.  I'm so glad that this book is being well received.

Of course if anyone else out there is interested in writing a review of the book either on your blog or on the Amazon page, PLEASE contact me!  I will see what I can do about getting you a review copy of the book.

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